[wix-users] Passing property to MergeModule from Parent MSI

Mike Henseler m.henseler at simfront.com
Wed Dec 21 17:11:55 PST 2022

Cannot get this to work when passing property from parent msi to mergemodule/custom action data(CAD)
I have a VBscript (CA) that writes IPADDRESS to a text file. (works perfectly in parent msi)
Property IPADDRESS is entered from a custom dialog, but has a default value
I use CAD to pass parameters from MSI to VBscript during a deferred CA.
I have moved this action to a MergeModule, but now I am unable to pass value of IPADDRESS to module

<ConfigurationData Name="IPADDRESS" Value="[IPADDRESS]"
<Configuration Name="IPADDRESS" Format="Text" DefaultValue="" Type="Property" />

<Binary Id='LnchrCnfgFlsScrpt' SourceFile ='ConfigFiles.vbs' />
<CustomAction Id="LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl" BinaryKey='LnchrCnfgFlsScrpt' Execute='deferred' Return='ignore' VBScriptCall="Update_InfoTxt" Impersonate="no" />
<SetProperty Id="LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl" Value="[IPADDRESS];[INSTALLDIR]" Sequence="execute" Before="LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl" />

<Custom Action="LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl" Before="InstallFinalize">NOT Installed</Custom>

....Also Tried
SuppressModularization, but IPADDRESS property remains Modularized  in CA.

>From Custom Action Table in MSI
Action: SetLnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480
Type: 51
Source: LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480
Target: [IPADDRESS.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480];[INSTALLDIR.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480]
If I open MSI with orca and manually drop the GUID from [IPADDRESS] then action works fine

Action: LnchrCaUpdtRdHstInfFl.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480
Type: 7238
Source: LnchrCnfgFlsScrpt.DFCDCE3C_6AC1_4D2A_B039_C55A9806E480
Target: Update_InfoTxt

Any ideas?
Thnks in advance.

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