[wix-users] Copy a file from SourceDir

Greg Olone Greg.Olone at cellebrite.com
Fri Dec 16 09:46:18 PST 2022

I have a need to copy a configuration file from the directory where the msi file lives to a location within the TargetDir and can’t quite figure this out.

I’ve tried using a CustomAction but I keep getting a linking error that says it needs to be done before CostFinalize because the parameters I’m creating contain a directory (in this case [SourceDir]) moving the action to before that causes other problems.

So then I tried using a CopyFile, but it seems I can’t refer to something from outside the target directory tree.

…and then I tried using a FileSearch contained In a DirectorySearch and I’m back to the error about CostFinalize:

ConfigTemplate.wxs(168) : error LGHT0204 : ICE12: CustomAction: setAgentDir is of type: 51 referring to a Directory. Therefore it must come before CostFinalize @ 1000 in Seq Table: InstallExecuteSequence. CA Seq#: 4007
Link Error: 204

Could someone tell me the right way to do this?

Greg O’Lone

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