[wix-users] Invoking msi from msi

Samantray Bhuyan, Madhusudan (GE Digital) Madhusudan.SamantrayBhuyan at ge.com
Tue Dec 13 03:22:10 PST 2022

Hello Guys

I see my installer is invoking FileInUse Dialog in some VMs even though I am not using
<Property Id="MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL" Value="Disable"/> in the installer script.

>From the Microsoft website I see the below note :
The MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL Property is ignored if the Restart Manager<https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/win32/rstmgr/restart-manager-portal> is unavailable or disabled.

Any hint how to check/enable restart manager in all the OS . I don't want FIleInUse dialog at all .

Madhusudan S

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