[wix-users] CA Based Feature Installations

Herman van Drie hvandrie at outlook.com
Tue Mar 30 08:19:50 PDT 2021

Schedule it before CostInitialize in InstallExecuteSequence.
At least, before all components are evaluated for install.

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You probably want it scheduled in both sequences and you can run it in only the first sequence (assuming you make the property secure as well). Log file will show.

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Good morning all,

I have basic functionality that I can't get to work correctly, can someone point me to documentation which will explain why, what I am doing is wrong. If this is the wrong place to post this type of question apologies, where is the correct place?

I have two features, but only one can be installed at a time, based on the result of a custom action. If I hard code the property value "INSTALLFEATURE" my MSI behaves correctly, but if I set the value through a CA then none of my features get installed. The MSI can be ran silently, which is why I chose InstallExecuteSequence and not InstallUISequence. My guess is that it's a sequencing issue, but I am running my CA as early as possible.

Here are the wix portions I am referring to: I left the two versions of my condition syntax in case it helps.

<Property Id="INSTALLFEATURE" Value='A' />

<Feature Id="MYFEATURE_A" Title="Feature_A" AllowAdvertise="no" Absent="allow" Display="hidden" Level="0">
  <ComponentGroupRef Id="FeatureAComponentsA"/>
  <Condition Level="1"><![CDATA[INSTALLFEATURE = "A"]]></Condition> </Feature>

<Feature Id="MYFEATURE_B" Title="Feature_B" AllowAdvertise="no" Absent="allow" Display="hidden" Level="0">
  <ComponentGroupRef Id="FeatureAComponentsB"/>
  <Condition Level="1">INSTALLFEATURE="B"</Condition>

<CustomAction Id="CADllUpdateFeatureProperty"
          Return="check" />
    <Custom Action="CADllUpdateFeatureProperty" Before="LaunchConditions"></Custom>

Besides many google searches here is a reference I found:


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