[wix-users] Bundle Patching Questions

Nick Elmer NElmer at veriato.com
Tue Feb 23 14:16:59 PST 2021

It was installed by my first patch bundle. So, something like this...

RTM Test 1.0.0 - Installed only the ManagementConsole.msi, not ServerSetup.msi since its smaller and faster to test.
Rebuild and create patch bundle - Installed ManagementConsole.msp. ServerSetupPatch.msp is installed since not present.
Rebuild and create patch bundle - Install log says ManagementConsole has an invalid payload, cache state is partial.

I'm doing the second bundle because in my past experience, the first patch works, it's the second and later patches when you find out your mistakes and regret them! :)

Much appreciate your input on getting this right!

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Q3. If I'm understanding the scenario correctly, that patch isn't supposed to be installed yet. You need to figure out why Burn is detecting the patch as Present if it hasn't been installed.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 3:30 PM Nick Elmer via wix-users < wix-users at lists.wixtoolset.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am testing out our burn patch strategy prior to a release. My plan 
> is to release at RTM with a base burn bundle that contains two base 
> MSI packages embedded. Looks like this:
> BundleRTM
> <Chain>
> -ServerSetup.msi
> -ManagementConsole.msi
> </Chain>
> Once we release, when we build patch bundles, I want to deliver 
> service pack/minor upgrade patches in a patch bundle like this:
> BundlePatch
> <Chain>
> -ServerSetupPatch.msp
> -ManagementConsolePatch.msp
> </Chain>
> I have successfully tested building a patch bundle and having it apply 
> successfully for my first bundle. However, when rebuilding the product 
> the second time (with a new build number) and generating a new second 
> patch bundle to install over the first, I get the failures about 
> invalid payload like below.
> Q1. So my first question is about the "UpgradeCode" and "RelatedBundle"
> elements. I found examples on the web suggest a bundle code use like 
> 1.0.0 and below. I could not find anything regarding subsequent bundles.
> Do they look like below?
> <Bundle Version="1.0.0" UpgradeCode="AAAAAAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAA">
> Action="Detect" />
> </Bundle>
> <Bundle Version=""
> Action="Detect" />
> Action="Patch" />
> </Bundle>
> <Bundle Version="" UpgradeCode="DDDDDDDD-DDDD-DDDD-DDDD-DDDDDDDD">
>     <RelatedBundle Id=" DDDDDDDD-DDDD-DDDD-DDDD-DDDDDDDD" Action="Detect"
> />
> Action="Patch" />
> Action="Patch" />
> </Bundle>
> Q2. To supersede a previous patch bundle, is it up to me to handle 
> that in "DetectRelatedBundle" and make its state absent or how do I achieve that?
> Q3. Last question Is this. During my second patch bundle install, I 
> see this invalid payload error. Is this a bug in burn or something 
> else I did wrong? (It is usually me!) Detected related bundle: 
> {76ba0fde_BUNDLE_GUID}, type: Dependent, scope:
> PerMachine, version:, operation: None Calculating patch 
> applicability for target product code: { FDBDE766-CONSOLE_GUID}, 
> context: Machine Detected Package Begin: PackageId:ServerSetupPatch, 
> Result:None OnDetectPackageComplete.
> Detected Package Begin: PackageId:ManagementConsolePatch, Result:None 
> Detected partially cached package: ManagementConsolePatch, invalid
> payload: ManagementConsolePatch, reason: 0x80070002 Detected package: 
> ServerSetupPatch, state: Absent, cached: None Detected package: 
> Veriato360ManagementConsolePatch, state: Present,
> cached: Partial
> Detected package: Veriato360ManagementConsolePatch target:
> {FDBDE766-CONSOLE_GUID}, state: Present
> Thank you all,
> Nick
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