[wix-users] Customizing the Standard WiX Bootstrapper UI

Nir Bar nir.bar at panel-sw.com
Tue Aug 3 00:52:10 PDT 2021

You are right in your observations

You can create a UI in the MSI package and set DisplayInternalUI="yes" in the MsiPackage element to get the MSI to run in non-silent mode


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Kind reminder. 
Can anyone please confirm? 
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On Jun 29, 2021, 12:10 PM, sonvertb19 via wix-users wrote: 
> Hi all, 
> First time post. I would like to confirm the knowledge that I have got from my research about the WiX Burn Bootstrapper. 
> Our use case involved a single MSI which needs to be wrapped inside an EXE. 
> We do not want to use the Custom Bootstrapper just yet, so we are sticking to the WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLicense for now. 
> I have two questions, 
> 1) Is modifying the theme files and specifying them to the BootstrapperApplicationRef using ThemeFile the only way to change the UI? 
> 2) We can only add elements, like <Checkbox>, <Text>, etc to the theme file. There is no way to add a new dialogue (page like the Options, Install, Progress etc) to the WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLicense, Is that right? 
> If there is any other way to customize the standard bootstrapper application, please point to the right resource. 
> Thanks 
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