[wix-users] 64 bits Dll registering

Pascal Cloup ptpas059 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 09:33:35 PDT 2020


I am progressing well on the development of my installer. This installer
has to install and register some 64 bits Dlls. Currently, i just added the
attribute "SelfRegCost='1'" (telling the component to self-register) in the
File element of these components, and without surprise this seems to work
as i do like this from many years(using self register). Nevertheless, i
read in various places, that this is not a recommended way even if for me
the evoqued reasons don't concern (totally) my components. After some
readings, i tried another method using "heat.exe", but unfortunately heat
gives me a warning "HEAT5150: Could not harvest data from a file that was
expected to be a SelfReg DLL", and of course using the option -sreg is not
a solution.

Someone can share opinion or give advices on this topic?

thanks in advance
Regards, Pascal

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