[wix-users] Orphaned icons on uninstall

Todd Hoatson todd.hoatson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 15:03:11 PDT 2020

When I uninstall our application, everything seems to go well, except that
the application icon is left behind on the desktop and the application
folder is left behind with a single (icon) file in it.  If I double-click
on the desktop icon, I get a message that the program can't be found, and
I'm asked if I want to the remove the unusable icon.

This also happens if the application is uninstalled in the process of
installing a new version which updates the icon.

I'm not really sure if this is one problem or two, but they seem related...

At some point in the past, I'm sure the desktop icon was removed on
uninstall, and I'm not sure when this problem began happening...

Here is a snippet of code for the shortcut:

    <Directory Id="DesktopFolder" Name="Desktop">
        <Component Id="ApplicationShortcutDesktop" Guid="*">
            <Shortcut Id="ApplicationDesktopShortcut"
                Name="OurApp 9"
                Description=" OurApp 9 "
                Target="[APPFOLDER] OurApp9.exe"
                Icon=" OurApp_Icon.ico"/>
            <RemoveFolder Id="DesktopFolder" On="uninstall"/>
                Key="Software\ OurApp"

I'm stumped as to what would cause this...  Anyone seen something like this
before?  Any ideas what I should be looking for...?

Not sure if this is also related, but the entry for OurApp 9 is sometimes
left behind in the Apps and Features list after uninstalling.  But if I try
to uninstall it again, it simply disappears without really doing anything.

Not sure what we might have changed to cause this...

Todd Hoatson
Mobile: 763-291-3312
Email:   todd.hoatson at gmail.com

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