[wix-users] How do I create a 32 bit installer with WiX using jpackage

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Thu Oct 1 07:43:50 PDT 2020

This is probably a question best asked over in the JPackage community.  We use WiX and don't know every tool that provides some abstraction of WiX.

I personally use WiX and my own FOSS tool called ISWIX that authors standard WiX XML.  I do this because I write hundreds of installers a year and don't need purpose built tools for  Java, NodeJS, Electron and so on.  I don't care what it's built with I author my installers the same way because at the end of the day they are just resources / components / features to be deployed.   

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I'm packaging a 32 bit JVM and Java appliation using Java 14 jpackage which in turn uses WiX.

I can successfully create an .msi installer but it appears to be a 64 bit app that does not even start on 32 bit Windows 7. 

So how do I create a 32 bit .msi installer?

AFAIU jpackage creates all the config files for Wix but according to the jpackage output I can customise some of them, here is the output from jpackage which hints at that possibility.

Using default package resource WinLauncher.template [Template for creating executable properties file] (add TestApp.properties to the resource-dir to customize) Using default package resource main.wxs [Main WiX project file] (add main.wxs to the resource-dir to customize).
Using default package resource overrides.wxi [Overrides WiX project file] (add overrides.wxi to the resource-dir to customize).

I've googled high and low but I cannot find the answers.

I tried something like this (among other things):

file: overrides.wxi

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <?define Win64 = "no" ?>

But that did not make a difference.

I'm pretty sure this is simple but I cannot figure this out.

wbr Kusti

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