[wix-users] Need help with building msi with dynamic filenames in wix

david.jones at kaddatechnologies.com david.jones at kaddatechnologies.com
Wed May 13 10:15:26 PDT 2020

I have an angular project that uses dynamic files when deployed to

These files have hashes appended to them and are all stored in a folder
called "dist"


How can I build the wix config file(that packages these files into an MSI)
with these dynamically named files?


My current .wxs file looks similar to this


<Component Id="Comp1" Guid="AF2333223-ADS23-123S-12313123123" WIN64="yes">

<File Id="file2" Name="runtime.js" DiskId="1" Source="runtime.js" />

<File Id="file3" Name="main.js" DiskId="1" Source=" main.js" />

<File Id="file4" Name="scripts.js" DiskId="1" Source=" scripts.js" />

<File Id="file5" Name="polyfills.js" DiskId="1" Source=" polyfills.js" />



The files are dynamically named and would look like this




How can I setup my wix config file to grab dynamic files to copy into the
MSI package instead of these hardcoded files? Will wix respond to wildcard
characters? Like if I tell it to grab Source=" scripts.*.js" will it work?

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