[wix-users] Elevate during UI phase without a bootstrapper

Davy Durham ddurham at davyandbeth.com
Fri Jun 26 10:18:42 PDT 2020

Ah, Get-WmiObject doesn't require elevation, but Get-OptionalFeature 
does (?!) which is what the MS docs said to use.  So.. that should work 
for me.  Thanks

On 6/26/20 8:02 AM, Hoover, Jacob wrote:
> I do believe the answer is that you can’t using pure MSI and without 
> having them invoke it from an elevated prompt.  What features require 
> admin privileges just to query?  (I am aware of IIS being a pain, but 
> was not aware of a Windows feature… Just tried in powershell, 
> Get-WmiObject Win32_OptionalFeature works just fine as a non-elevated 
> user.)
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> Hi, I am trying (without success so far) to get an msi to prompt for
> elevation before (or during, if it has to) the UI phase.  The reason is
> that I have some custom actions which need to query the windows optional
> features to adjust the subsequent user interface dialogs, and just to
> query whether they're enable requires elevated privileges. (And no, I'm
> not making any changes to the system during the UI phase)
> I'm aware that a bootstrapper around the .msi could have a manifest
> which requests UAC, but I'm trying to go pure msi if possible. So is
> there any way, to accomplish this?  I already have a C# .dll for my
> custom actions where I can do custom things.
> Thanks for any advice!
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