[wix-users] Elevate during UI phase without a bootstrapper

Davy Durham ddurham at davyandbeth.com
Thu Jun 25 20:28:37 PDT 2020

Hi, I am trying (without success so far) to get an msi to prompt for 
elevation before (or during, if it has to) the UI phase.  The reason is 
that I have some custom actions which need to query the windows optional 
features to adjust the subsequent user interface dialogs, and just to 
query whether they're enable requires elevated privileges.  (And no, I'm 
not making any changes to the system during the UI phase)

I'm aware that a bootstrapper around the .msi could have a manifest 
which requests UAC, but I'm trying to go pure msi if possible. So is 
there any way, to accomplish this?  I already have a C# .dll for my 
custom actions where I can do custom things.

Thanks for any advice!

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