[wix-users] Same version upgrade adding 2 entries in ARP

Rick Papo rpapo at comcast.net
Mon Feb 17 04:58:10 PST 2020

Normal behavior.  If you want upgrade to work, you have to increment one of
the first three version numbers.  The last one is irrelevant.

Been there, seen that.  Annoyed a customer because I didn't know.

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I am trying to use MajorUpgrade to upgrade the same version ( to
newer But could not get it working. I am using same UpgradeCode
and different ProductCode.

<MajorUpgrade AllowSameVersionUpgrades="yes"
DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer version of [ProductName] is already

The install ends up adding 2 entries in Add/Remove Programs.
Below is my Bundle.wxs. The last ExePackage entry adds a file at a
particular location (the file name remains same across versions). Can this
ExePackage entry cause a problem?

<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi">

  <Bundle Name="..." Version="..." Manufacturer="..."
UpgradeCode="..." Copyright="..." IconSourceFile="..." AboutUrl="...">


      <ExePackage Id="Accept_License"
SourceFile="$(var.LicDir)Accept_License" />

      <RollbackBoundary />

      <MsiPackage Id="MainPackage"
SourceFile="$(var.ProjectDir)..\main\bin\x64\Release\Main.msi" />

      <RollbackBoundary />

      <ExePackage Id="Linking"
Compressed=*"yes"* Cache=*"yes" *Vital=*"yes" *

        InstallCommand=*"-create "[InstallFolder]"*

        UninstallCommand=*"-remove "[InstallFolder]"*






Any help on this is greatly appreciated.


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