[wix-users] signed bootstrapper exe failing to extract

Rick Papo rpapo at comcast.net
Thu Feb 6 06:56:00 PST 2020

I left out the MSI signing step from this description, as I was only concerned with the bootstrapper in my response.  In truth, we build our components, sign everything that can be signed, then build our MSI and VSIX packages and sign both of them, then build the bootstrapper.  We extract the core of the bootstrapper and sign that, then reinsert it into the bootstrapper.  Only then do we sign the bootstrapper itself.


It works for us.


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to be clear,

our process (mandated) is


build msi

sign msi externally

build bundle

sign bundle externally (e.g. setup.exe)


this won't install if compressed 


how would i use insignia here?  Do need to use it to detach the bundle.exe and sign that after signing the msi, but creating the bundle and before signing the final setup.exe ?


On Thu, 6 Feb 2020 at 14:34, Rick Papo <rpapo at comcast.net <mailto:rpapo at comcast.net> > wrote:

In very broad strokes, drawn from code we actually use and with the names
changed to protect the innocent...

        "c:\program files (x86)\wix toolset v3.14\bin\insignia.exe" -ib
BOOTSTRAPPER.exe -o engine.exe

        Sign engine.exe

        "c:\program files (x86)\wix toolset v3.14\bin\insignia.exe" -ab

        erase engine.exe

        Sign BOOTSTRAPPER.exe

Substitute your sign utility and the version of INSIGNIA.exe.  Use whatever
name you want for "engine.exe".

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Subject: [wix-users] signed bootstrapper exe failing to extract

Dear experts,
i have a digitally signed bootstrapper executable that works absolutely fine
if uncompressed, but if we compress the msi it failed with...

Error 0x80070001: Failed to extract all files from container, erf: 1:2:0

for security reasons we have to sign the executable outside of wix.

Has anyone seen this before?
I see references on the net to signing the engine as well.
Is this the issue?

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