[wix-users] Lock bootstrapper and MSI to en-US culture

Vanniekerk, Tyrel (GE Healthcare) tyrel.vanniekerk at ge.com
Tue Feb 25 06:57:21 PST 2020


I am trying to get my bootstrapper and MSI to always use the en-US culture.  The UI is not a problem (C# code), I have that set to use the culture, but I would like the bootstrapper and MSI log files to use en-US as well, specifically the date/time format in the log file.

I set the "Cultures to build" value in the MSI installer to be en-US and in the bootstrapper I added it manually (The project setting controls settings are disabled), but that had no effect.  I still get the non-US date/time being output.

Log file example:

=== Verbose logging started: 24.02.2020  16:31:26  Build type: ...


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