[wix-users] Set property from custom action?

Alon Dean alondean at gmail.com
Sun Dec 27 00:48:03 PST 2020

I'm new to wix, and trying to do the following:
I'm converting our current MSI from installing to program files (per
machine) to installing in local app data (per user).
But, since this MSI can also be deployed to an entire organization, and
since this deployment can run in the system session, I need to figure out
the console session's local app data path during the installation process,
since I don't want our app to be installed in the local app data dir of the
system session.

I know the usual solution is to schedule the MSI to install on the next
logon of the 'standard' user, but the demands I received instruct me to
install the MSI and run the application afterwards at the same moment,
without logging on/off, restarting etc.

So, what I want to do, is to run an immediate custom action which will run
another exe I'll create, this exe will return the path of the console
session's local app data dir, and use this return value in the installer, by
storing this value in a property.

>From what I read this far:

I can't get a return value from a custom action.
What I need to do is to compile a c# dll (I program mainly in c#), in which
I'll define a custom action which will contain the logic of getting the
console session's local app data dir, and once I have this path, store it
inside a property defined in the WXS file.
Did I understand correctly?
Is there a different way to accomplish what I need?
Any tips/tricks/articles/examples to go over?


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