[wix-users] msi file permission problem

Kurucz, Albert Albert.Kurucz at leidos.com
Thu Dec 3 09:35:22 PST 2020

I am building with latest WiX: 3.11.2
Using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019, Version 16.8.2
cmake version 3.18.20081302-MSVC_2
ninja version: 1.10.1

The msi files is generated without error.
The msi file installs as expected (on other windows systems where I have admin rights).

Only problem is that I cannot cleanup the generated msi file from my machine from the build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX directory, because on my corporate IT managed laptop I only have normal user access, and this msi file is created so that only Administrators group can access it.
The same msi file also created in the build directory and that one I can read and even delete.

All the other files that are generated in build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX directory I can read and delete, only the msi file has the problem.

This issue happens even with the most simple cmake/cpack/wix examples not only with the closed source production software I am working on.

How should I configure cmake to create the msi file in build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX directory so that normal users can read or delete it?
Or how can I configure WiX to remove the unneeded copy of the msi file from build\_CPack_Packages\win64\WIX directory after it was copied to build directory?

Based on https://github.com/wixtoolset/issues/issues/5855 I have tried to add "set(CPACK_WIX_LIGHT_EXTRA_FLAGS  "-sacl")" line to the cmake, but no effects.


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