[wix-users] Arm64 support - Wix binder issue

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Subject: [wix-users] Arm64 support - Wix binder issue

Hi guys,

I have found 2 issues in arm64 support that was added recently (build

This is one of them:

Wix binder is trying to use burn.exe from Wix's arm64 folder. However, burn.exe is x86 only. For x64 projects, binder correctly includes burn.exe from x86 folder. It should do the same for arm64 projects.

The fix is simple, to expand condition at the following line to include arm64 platform:

The code becomes something like this:

    string stubPlatform;
    if (Platform.X64 == bundleInfo.Platform ||
        Platform.ARM64 == bundleInfo.Platform) // today, the x64 and arm64 Burn use the x86 stub.
        stubPlatform = "x86";

I have the change ready - it worked fine in my tests. I would like to fix this issue, I can create a PR soon.


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