[wix-users] Apply msi and msp at once

Benny Bürger buerger at simba.de
Mon Apr 27 11:39:21 PDT 2020

The missing/different files were reported by a customer I couldn't replicate these.
But I examined the registry and all dll registrations are missing.
The logfiles and the relevant extract of the regdiff can be downloaded from:

 --RegDiffClasses.diff => diff from registry
 -- SimbaClientPatch2200052.log Everything applied at once
 -- SimbaClientUpdate2200050.log & SimbaClientPatch22000052.log First applied msi then applied two msp Files with one command


Benny Bürger

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It is supposed to work.

Can you share log files and name of file that wasn't updated?


Nir Bar

WiX Expert

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