[wix-users] Wix Bootstrapper Not Uninstalling Self Upgraded MSI

Arjen Mercado Arjen.Mercado at hamiltoncompany.com
Thu Apr 16 07:14:59 PDT 2020

Hi All,

Thanks for the response, Matthew. That's the route I was heading but I wanted to make sure there were no cleaner (more native) way to handle this. This route would mean that I would add the custom action to the bundle with an uninstall condition to ensure the powershell script to uninstall the MSI is only run during a bundle uninstall. Is there any way to make the change to the MSI installer (also WiX project) directly and somehow keep that dependency link it has to its parent bundle when upgrading the MSI separately?

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Hi All,

Just my tuppence worth, but I am by far an expert in these matters.

My understanding is that when a bundle is installed, all components are linked as dependencies in the installer catalogue on the machine.
When you upgrade a component separately, the new version doesn’t have that dependency link and so the bundle uninstall skips it.

I believe that is expected as if you were it install that component manually for another reason (maybe it is required for another app) then you would not want the bundle to uninstall it as then that would break the other apps that require it.

If you do want that ability because you are 100% sure you won’t break anything (e.g. you are in control of all deployments) then you could create a Custom Action instead that runs a PowerShell script to specifically uninstall that component regardless of version.
However, it is not advised to do this.


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> Hi Rob,
> Regarding your question “How would the bundle rollback the independent MSI after it was uninstalled?”, the bundle installed the MSI but it was upgraded independently. I would think the bundle would still be able to uninstall it when the bundle itself is uninstalled due to the MSI having the same upgradecode. Instead I am finding the MSI orphaned and left installed when uninstalling the bundle.
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> I think I understood the question. I was leaving hints to help think through the full design to help understand the current behavior before attempting to work around it.
> Short replies here. Complete answers here: https://www.firegiant.com/services/
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> I may be doing a bad job explaining the issue. This post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28618422/wix-bootstrapper-with-individual-upgraded-msi-wont-uninstall describes my exact issue and I'm trying to confirm if the answer given is correct and if so, is there a work around?
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