[wix-users] CustomAction using .NET Core?

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Tue Apr 14 18:18:17 PDT 2020

I've started to do some .NET core (console, web api, wpf)   and .NET standard work.

Considering that WiX MSI only runs on windows desktop/server  and not containers / multiplatform,  what are you wanting to achieve with .NET core that can't be done with .NET framework?

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Subject: [wix-users] CustomAction using .NET Core?

Is it possible to create a CustomAction project that targets .NET Core.
When I create a new Custom Action project in Visual Studio, i only see
options for .NET Framework 4.*.*.

I am using Visual Studio 2019 and WiX 3.11

Brian Enderle

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