[wix-users] Apply msi and msp at once

Benny Bürger buerger at simba.de
Mon Apr 27 08:46:10 PDT 2020


till today I thought, that it is possible to apply an upgrade and an update to a program at the same time using (all files are generated with wix toolset):
msiexec.exe /i "c:\x\x.msi" PATCH="C:\x\x1.msp;C:\x\x2.msp"
Today I got problems when running the program because some files and registrations were not updated.
A test using 
msiexec.exe /i "c:\x\x.msi" 
and then
msiexe /update "C:\x\x1.msp;C:\x\x2.msp"
worked fine, all files have been copied and all registrations were made.
Is this a bug or is the option using the MSI Patch Property not really supported?
Are there any alternatives (without using an administrative install and using just the msi and msp files) e.g by generating the msp files with special parameters?


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