[wix-users] Allowing users without admin privileges to execute setup

David db2807 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 7 06:28:50 PDT 2020

I am trying to create such setup configuration for making MSI installation where user can choose whether to install the software per machine or per user. Using "wixui_advanced" I am able to do this, together with setting installscope to perMachine and InstallPrivileges to elevated.
Now, is it possible to extend this setup, to allow users without admin privileges to install it only for scope user and users with admin privileges to choose between user and machine scope?
If I leave install scope to per machine and install privileges to elevated, I am able to run this setup with user without admin privileges and as expected if he chooses per machine installation this would not be allowed but the problem is even if he chooses per user installation, this is still asking for credentials.
Is this even possible to accomplish?
Best regards,David

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