[wix-users] Minor Upgrade not copying newer files

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Mon Sep 16 09:45:01 PDT 2019

This isn't WiX behavior. It's Windows Installer behavior. That log file should provide more information (higher in the log file) why your Components were being disabled.

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We recently switched from InstalleShield to WiX Toolset and released our product a while ago.  Now it's time for service pack one, so the version number went from to, something like that.  The upgrade succeeds, but it appears that none of the files got updated.  I just see messages like the one bellow for each file, it seems like it 's deciding to do nothing?  The DLL version numbers are larger.

Do I have to manually do something to convince WiX to update the files?

MSI (s) (10:4C) [08:49:41:503]: Component: Core.Utilities.dll; Installed: Local;   Request: Null;   Action: Null


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