[wix-users] Uninstall leaves application installed

Todd Hoatson todd.hoatson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 12:54:18 PDT 2019

Hi, we have been using WiX for a while now, and have deployed several
versions of our software.  Recently, one of our testers uncovered a
scenario where uninstalling our product fails.

Our product has bundles, and it also has the ability to do an automatic
download/update.  So our tester uninstalled a few patches (which is only
possible in Windows Programs and Features, rather than Apps and Features)
in reverse order of their installation.  No problem.  Then he uninstalled
the base program itself (also using Programs and Features).

But our application icon was still on the desktop and clicking it still
started the application, as if it had never been uninstalled!  The
application is no longer listed in Programs and Features (or Apps and
Features), so now there is no normal way to uninstall it.  (I had to use
Revo uninstaller for this...)

Has anyone else ever seen this behavior?  Is it a known problem of Windows
Programs and Features?  (It seems like MS is trying to discourage it's
use...)  Or is it likely to be a problem in our WiX code?  If the latter,
any ideas where to look for it?

Ordinarily, if I uninstall the whole application from Apps and Features, I
have no problems.

Todd Hoatson
Mobile: 763-291-3312
Email:   todd.hoatson at gmail.com

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