[wix-users] msiexec on ARM?

Bill Wandel bill at bwandel.com
Fri Oct 25 19:21:56 PDT 2019

Yes, I have a custom DLL in my installer which worked on an ARM64 laptop. I didn’t do anything special. MSIExec on ARM64 might be a 32 bit x86 application. The DLL was built from a C# source so I assume that the resulting DLL was 32 bit.

I haven’t tested on that laptop in quite some time. I will try my installer on it this weekend.


Bill Wandel


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Rob - Is there an ETA for WiX 4?  (Btw I didn't see any ARM info at Firegiant.com)


Bill - Did you add custom DLLs to your ARM MSI?




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I have used WiX to build an ARM64 installer.

Bill Wandel

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Does the ARM version of Windows 10 include Windows Installer, and if it
does, can WiX build MSIs for it?

If not, does anyone know of packaging tools for ARM Win 10 ?

Sorry if this has been discussed before; I've been out of the installer
business for a couple of years, just now been roped in for some contract
stuff. I've tried looking in the list archive but didn't find anything about


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