[wix-users] Error creating msi file with custom Dialogs

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
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Are you properly including the extension and dialog set?

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I'm trying to solve this for the last few hours, but cannot get rid of this error. WiX creates the actual msi packet but then throws two errors. I don't know why it is doing this.

C:\agent\_work\8\s\src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib\BrowseDlg.wxs(22,0): error
LGHT0204: ICE17: Icon: '
C:\agent\_work\8\s\src\ext\UIExtension\wixlib\BrowseDlg.wxs(25,0): error
LGHT0204: ICE17: Icon: '

The actual setup files are actually quite huge if no one has seen this error before I will try to create the GUI from scratch and hope to find the error.

I'm using <Property Id="WixUI_Mode" Value="Advanced" /> but get the error with Mondo, too.

Has anyone an idea where I can find more information about the error?
The log is not too clear.

Thanks in advance

Hanno Soehngen


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