[wix-users] Providing valid name using Patch

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Fri Nov 29 10:54:49 PST 2019

Not in the obvious sense. Renaming a file between two packages is considered by MSI to be a removal and an addition, and removals range from very problematic to absolutely not allowed in patches.

You could replace invalid.dll with a zero-length (or any other very small) file and add a "new" valid.dll (with its source the same as your current invalid.dll). If invalid.dll is its component's keypath, you must create a new component for valid.dll (and move any related assets from the other component, such as registry/shortcuts/etc). If it's not the keypath, you might be able to get away with just adding it to the same component, but I don't recommend that (making a new component is usually the better plan).

If the mere presence of invalid.dll is a problem, only a major upgrade MSI will likely work for you (sorry, patching will not be an option) and even then if there are any other assets in the same component you need to keep you will have some issues to mitigate. I'm sure someone will chime in with suggestions to set the component's level to zero and add a Transient attribute, but in my experience that all too often ironically leads to invalid.dll being left permanently installed and not able to be updated, even by removing product, barring a lot of effort and testing using virtual machines and creativity in "bending" the rules.

Blair Murri

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I have provided a wrong file name under component in my MSI . Is there any
way to correct it using patch

 <File Id="valid.dll" Source="$(var.SolutionDir)Setup\Resources\valid.dll"

Is there any way to correct the file name to valid.dll using patch?

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