[wix-users] Wix 4 localization not working as expected

Alan Sinclair anadem at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 12:12:50 PST 2019

Is localization defined differently in WiX 4 than in WiX 3? Or perhaps
included differently than -loc xxx.wxl ?

Light.exe 4.0.0 is giving
    error LGHT0102 : The localization variable !(loc.PackageDescription) is

PackageDescription IS defined, in a .wxl which is referenced on light's
command line:
(This same command line works fine with WiX 3.11):

    light -spdb -sw1076 -ext WixUtilExtension  -ext WixUIExtension  -o
works-en-us.msi   -dWixUILicenseRtf=EndUserLicense.rtf  *-cultures:en-us
-loc wsstrings-en-US.wxl*  wsbase.wixobj  wscore.wixobj  wscustom.wixobj
 wslocals.wixobj  wsoptions.wixobj  wsqtquick.wixobj  wsswiftshader.wixobj
 wswixui.wixobj  wsWelcomeDlg.wixobj  wsWelcomeEulaDlg.wixobj
 wsInstallScopeDlg.wixobj  wsProductModeDlg.wixobj
 wsMaintenanceTypeDlg.wixobj  wsReadyDlg.wixobj
WiX Toolset Linker version
Copyright (c) .NET Foundation and contributors. All rights reserved.

wsbase.wxs(19) : error LGHT0102 : The localization variable
!(loc.PackageDescription) is unknown.  Please ensure the variable is

C:\wix4\> grep PackageDescription wsstrings-en-us.wxl
<String Id="PackageDescription">Works Windows Client Installer</String>

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