[wix-users] Remove garbage from the registry

Fyodor Koryazhkin fyodorkor at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 00:19:19 PST 2019

Occasionally we discovered that in one of our installations the GUID of one
of components has 31 characters instead of 32. This is old installation
that was built with InstallShield that somehow allowed to build the package.
And it is turned out that with this problem we run several major upgrades.
The problem is that with this broken GUID the product is installed without
the problem but during uninstall it is converted to advertised state and
leaves behind all file and registry including MSI registration under
Every component here is registered with several products (every major
upgrade registers it self but is not removed during upgrade)
My question is if it is possible to remove this garbage by conventional
methods? It worth to mention that GUIDS of components are not changed
between versions.

Fyodor Koryazhkin..

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