[wix-users] Remove MSI on Update without running a CustomAction in it

RonnyS ronnys.coding at gmail.com
Tue May 28 05:21:06 PDT 2019

Hello everybody,

I now have a problem with the approach for systems that have been updated
from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now an update of our software is
performed. Not all files are removed from the third MSI. Therefore, the
removal of the MSI is additionally called in the bootstrapper. This will
execute the custom action that should not be running.
We install Windows 7 files signed SHA1 and Windows 10 with SHA2. The SHA1
and SHA2 files are in different components and features. They are installed
depending on the operating system.

Feature: Feature_SHA1

Feature: Feature _SHA256

Log files when updating our software:
Feature: Feature_SHA1; Installed: Local;   Request: Null;   Action: Null
Feature: Feature_SHA256; Installed: Absent;   Request: Null;   Action: Null
Component: File_SHA1; Installed: Local;   Request: Null;   Action: Null
Component: File_SHA256; Installed: Absent;   Request: Null;   Action: Null

It detects that Feature_SHA1 and File_SHA1 are installed, but they are not
marked for removal.
What do I have to do to remove the SHA1 parts as well?

Thanks and Greetings Ronny

> Many thanks for your help @Nir Bar and Edwin Castro
>> I have tried it now and it works:
>> <UpgradeVersion Minimum="" Maximum="" Property="
>> IncludeMaximum="no"
>> />
>> </Upgrade>
>> All files (first & third MSI) will be removed and installed new with the
>> first MSI. The CustomAction on the third MSI dont run so the problem is
>> solved.
>> Should I adjust something to make it more stable?
>> Greetings Ronny
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