[wix-users] Multi instance setup

Elena Aralla elena.aralla at gmail.com
Fri May 10 06:35:51 PDT 2019

I'm trying to do a multiinstance setup following these directions:


this is part of my Product.wsx

  <Product Id="*" Name=“MyAppName" Version=“" Manufacturer=“MyManufacturer" UpgradeCode=

    <Package InstallerVersion="200" Compressed="yes" InstallScope="perMachine" InstallPrivileges="elevated" Languages="0,1040" />

    <Property Id="INSTANCEID" Value=" " />
    <InstanceTransforms Property="INSTANCEID">
      <Instance Id="I01" ProductCode="8168F059-7EB8-4A30-B906-57EE371F523B" ProductName="MyAppName 01"/>
      <Instance Id="I02" ProductCode="0B25F5B6-D35E-4F2C-95F5-F62B9C9AC98E" ProductName="MyAppName 02"/>
      <Instance Id="I03" ProductCode="21BFAA6D-3260-4EC6-82E9-04B153C7325F" ProductName="MyAppName 03"/>

One question:

Is it possible to pass the ProductName when calling the installer from the command line?

Something like 

msiexec /i mysetup.msi MSINEWINSTANCE=1 TRANSFORMS=":I01” PRODUCTNAME = “user choice"

Thanks a lot,

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