[wix-users] Overwrite file only if modified

Alexis C?t? alexiscote19 at hotmail.com
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CouchDB ships with a default.ini (which contains the default configurations).
The local.ini is shipped with commented default values and comments to help users properly configure their database.

So if the user modified the local.ini, we can't touch it.
But, it the user hasn't touch the local.ini file, we want to update it so the comments and default values reflects the latest changes.

So yeah, an easy solution, would be to not ship the local.ini and let the user either copy the default.ini or configure the apps  through the UI. 
But if there's a way to avoid that, that would probably better from the user's side.

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Can you change the design of the application?   Could you have a  local.ini and a local-user-override.ini?     .NET apps do this with app.config files. 

The concept is  the installer would "own" and always install local.ini   and not know anything about the override file.  The user would put override values in the override file and the installer would never touch it.  The application would use these two layers to determine the final value and everything just works easy.  No fussy installer stuff to deal with.

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to change the CouchDB windows installer to ensure that local configuration files remains on uninstallation.

At the moment, a premade file called (local.ini) is shipped with the application. CouchDB's team what to:

1. On uninstall, keep the local.ini file if it was changed


2. Let's assume  we make this file permanent. On install, it should only overwrite the local.ini file if it was changed.

>From my research, there doesn't seem to be any support from WiX out of the box.

My first untested  solution was to use custom actions to:

1. Make the local.ini file permanent
2. Make the local.ini file NewOverwrite="yes"
3. On uninstall, check if the file was modified. If  yes, we delete it using a custom action script.

Do you have any ideas on how I could do that?


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