[wix-users] WOW6432Node / CLSID

Mark Haroldson markharoldson at Msn.com
Sun Mar 31 12:59:43 PDT 2019

I have run into a problem. I have 100% 64 bit app. But when I attempt to register my com dll via WIX is being added to the WOW6432Node/CLSID node.

The component is marked as 64 bit and other registry entries (HKLM) are getting placed into the correct location but for whatever reason everything going to HKCR is being put into the WOW6432Node.

Here is a snippet of what I am doing.

        <Component Id="Registry.11" Guid="27ae4001-a77e-45c4-9f15-03e19648251c" Win64="yes">
          <RegistryKey Root="HKCR" Key="CLSID\{E6D572FE-8E55-4A99-AB31-3C1AF6A4BC35}\\InProcServer32">
            <RegistryValue Id="RegValue.2" Type="string" KeyPath="yes" Value="[INSTALLDIR.bin]XXXPCP.dll" />

          <CreateFolder />

Any ideas?


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