[wix-users] Overwrite file only if modified

Alexis C?t? alexiscote19 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 29 07:21:43 PDT 2019

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to change the CouchDB windows installer to ensure that local configuration files remains on uninstallation.

At the moment, a premade file called (local.ini) is shipped with the application. CouchDB's team what to:

1. On uninstall, keep the local.ini file if it was changed


2. Let's assume  we make this file permanent. On install, it should only overwrite the local.ini file if it was changed.

>From my research, there doesn't seem to be any support from WiX out of the box.

My first untested  solution was to use custom actions to:

1. Make the local.ini file permanent
2. Make the local.ini file NewOverwrite="yes"
3. On uninstall, check if the file was modified. If  yes, we delete it using a custom action script.

Do you have any ideas on how I could do that?


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