[wix-users] Burn enabling Net Feature on Windows Server

Camille Zanni caz at schneider.ch
Fri Mar 8 04:07:28 PST 2019

I made a Burn installer, which activates Net Feature and installs .Net 4.7.

<ExePackage Id="FeatureNet35Client"

                  DisplayName="Aktivierung Feature DotNet 3.5 Client"


                  InstallCommand="dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3"

                  InstallCondition="NTProductType = "1" AND NOT Netfx35Version"


This works fine on Windows 10, but not on Windows Server 2012.

I found out, that the feature names are different and that I could use "Install-WindowsFeature". So i changed my ExePackage for Windows Servers.

<ExePackage Id="FeatureNet35Server"


                  InstallCommand="powershell.exe Install-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-Features -IncludeAllSubFeature"

                  InstallCondition="NTProductType > "1" AND NOT Netfx35Version "





But every time I try to install I get

Error 0x80070001: Process returned error: 0x1 Error 0x80070001: Failed to execute EXE package.

Error 0x80070001: Failed to configure per-machine EXE package.

Applied execute package: FeatureNet35Server, result: 0x80070001, restart:


Error 0x80070001: Failed to execute EXE package.

I tried to add or remove PerMachine or run the Installer as Administrator, but nothing helped.

Any suggestions would really help me out?

Thank you!

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