[wix-users] Regarding Database deployments using WiX

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 02:26:32 PST 2019

I am not sure how you handle Patches with your approach? Anyways, I would
prefer using SqlScript elements whenever possible. Can anyone please
provide inputs?

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> I use custom actions to create a database, create a number of database
> objects, and to import data from xml files.
> Overall, my needs were fairly limited but it could scale this out quite
> nicely.
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> Has anyone got any inputs? Please help / advise.
> On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 10:40 PM Ven H <venh.123 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I have around 8 Databases that need to be installed using WiX. There
> > are some objects that need to be created in MSDB also. I also need to
> > populate master data in many of the databases post creating the DBs.
> > The master data is in the form of insert statements, wherein audio
> > files are also converted to binary. Hence the data files are pretty big.
> >
> > I am using SqlDatabase and SqlScript elements to achieve this. But I
> > am facing some challenges.
> > 1. The SqlScript seems to be scheduling everything and then executing
> > the scripts. This is slowing down the whole installation, especially
> > with big files having data and large number of files. I saw the below
> > link with a similar issue way back in 2008, but there doesn't seem to be
> a solution.
> > 2. The SqlScript doesn't accept parameters.
> > 3. The status during execution of DB installation is a little confusing.
> > In UI, it is showing Creating Databases, but in the logs, it is
> > actually doing Scheduling. Can we get detailed status and display
> > that, including which binary file is executing currently and so on?
> > 4. How to manage Patch and Upgrades using SqlScript elements 5. If I
> > use SqlCmd for everything, things might be a little faster, but then I
> > may have to go for Custom Actions. Also, not sure how to manage
> > Patches and Upgrades with SqlCmd
> >
> > Has anyone faced the above issues? If so, can you please advise?
> >
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