[wix-users] Official 3.14 release date

Ivan Peev ivan.peev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 17 09:16:50 PDT 2019


Sure. I will now post a message in the wix-devs list. Thank you!


On Mon, Jun 17, 2019 at 11:14 AM Rob Mensching <rob at firegiant.com> wrote:

> At this point, this is a better discussion for wix-devs. You'll want Heath
> to chime in, as he's got a plan for how this works and will be the one to
> respond to this belief of yours:
> > I think this fix is more harmful than helpful.
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> Christopher,
> Isn't it easier to fix the WiX runtime instead? I was thinking either
> remove the fix included for 5597 or including
> "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Product.SQL" SKU in the list below. Still, in my
> opinion, the fix for 5597 has to be better analyzed whether this is the
> right approach even though vswhere has been used as the template for it. I
> think this fix is more harmful than helpful.

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