[wix-users] Keep Harvested File on Uninstall

Todd Hoatson todd.hoatson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 14:14:09 PDT 2019

Hi all,
  our installer installs a pre-set data folder for the user's data, which
includes some default style sheets & settings of various kinds.  We harvest
these files using the heat utility and then reference the component group
in our main WiX file.

  On uninstall, we don't want any files in the data folder to be
uninstalled.  The user may simply be uninstalling & reinstalling to correct
some other problem, and then they would lose all their settings.

  Is there a way to mark as "permanent" these components or a component
group that is the result of a harvesting operation?

  I saw this StackOverflow article:

  Is the use of an xslt file the only way to do this?  Or is it possible to
tag the component / component group as permanent within my main WiX code?

  I see that heat accepts a "template"n argument, but I don't know where to
look for more information about this or if it would even help...

Todd Hoatson

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