[wix-users] InstallExecuteSequence not changed in patch

Dadang Adi Hendradi dadangadihendradi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 19:37:31 PST 2019

I have created patch
The original MSI as below

      <Custom Action="CA_ModifyConfig" After="InstallFinalize">NOT

Then I changed in new MSI as below
       <Custom Action="CA_ModifyConfig" After="InstallFiles"></Custom>

After building the patch, I open with orca
InstallExecuteSequence in original MSI
[image: image.png]
InstallExecuteSequence after view patch on Transform menu
[image: image.png]
As we can see, patch only change the Sequence to 4001 (this is correct,
because I change to After="InstallFiles")
but the Condition is not changed, I expect the Condition to clear because I
didn't put any condition in Custom tag
I create the original MSI and the new one with candle, lit, and light, with
WiX version

Can some one help me

Dadang Adi Hendradi

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