[wix-users] InstallValidate returns 3 - disk space

Jacques Eloff repstosd at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 11:20:28 PST 2019

I did notice one entry in the log:

MSI (s) (10:88) [11:52:59:890]: Note: 1: 2727 2:

>From what I can tell, 2727: *The directory entry '[2]' does not exist in
the Directory table*

However, [2] is empty. I went through the Directory/Component/File/Registry
tables. All I can think is perhaps a references to a missing property, e.g.
[SomeDir]\Foo.dll where [SomeDir] doesn't resolve

Is there a way to coax the installer to actually tell me which entry it's
looking for and have it log it?


On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 9:13 AM Jacques Eloff <repstosd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I'm looking at a log and trying to piece together what happened. After
> costing is complete, the following is reported:
> PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding OutOfDiskSpace property. Its value is '0'.
> PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding OutOfNoRbDiskSpace property. Its value is '0'.
> PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable property. Its value is
> '0'.
> PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired property. Its value is
> '0'.
> PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining property. Its value is
> '0'.
> What's weird is that OutOfDiskSpace is 0, and according to the MSI docs,
> that should be indicating there is space available. However, the
> PrimaryVolume* properties indicate there is no space available.
> Subsequently, InstallValidate returns 3 and the install fails.
> Is there anything that would explain what appears to be contradicting
> values for these properties?
> I looked at a number of logs on my own machine where installs completed
> successfully, and they all seem to be reporting these properties as 0 so
> I'm a bit confused if I'm on the right track here.
> Thanks,
> Jacques

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