[wix-users] MSI Launch Condition to make sure attestation driver is only installed on Windows 10 or higher

Tobias Erichsen info at tobias-erichsen.de
Sun Dec 1 20:59:15 PST 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm currently creating multiple msi packages to install a hardware driver
for different targets (x86, x64, attestation signing).

As the attestation drivers will only work on W10 or Server 2016,
I want to make sure via a Lauch Condition that the msi is only installed
on such a system.

Problem: Both VersionNT & WindowsBuild properties always give back
wrong values.

I know that this is due to the fact that msiexec on W10 is not properly
tagged in their manifest.

Any hints out there of a simple, reliable method to achieve what I'm
trying to do?  Registry Search?

Best regards,

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