[wix-users] How to disable append of package id to condition variables?

John Stevenson-Hoare John.Stevenson-Hoare at ffei.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 05:35:10 PDT 2018

I am using WiX Toolset 3.11 from Visual Studio 2017 with WiX Toolset Visual Studio Extension

I have several WiX projects that build merge modules that are ultimately compiled in to a setup project. Many of the components in the merge modules install a file conditionally based on a property value defined as follows:


When I link, using light.exe, the process appends the package id to the property value so that the resulting condition in the merge module, as viewed in Orca, looks like the following:


Each merge module uses the same condition, but as the package id differs, I get many similar but clearly different conditions in the final setup project (.msi).

How can I prevent light.exe from appending the package id? My setup project needs the property parts of the conditions to be simply SERVER_SELECT_BUTTON otherwise the files are not installed.

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