[wix-users] Acquiring an old version of WiX

piotr at olczak.eu piotr at olczak.eu
Fri Oct 12 14:04:38 PDT 2018

I'm looking for a way to get a Windows installer for an older version of WiX
(preferably 3.0). I have a sizable legacy project which needs to be migrated to
a different machine, but despite of installing the oldest WiX version I could
find an installer for (3.10) I still get WiX compilation errors on the new
machine (the project compiles fine on the old one with WiX 3.0). I've downloaded
the "Archived builds" from the WiX website but I can't figure out how to get
something useful from the files in the release directory...
Please let me know if you know a solution to my problem or if you think there's
a better place to ask.
Thanks in advance,
Piotr Olczak

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