[wix-users] Bootstrapper .NET Framework prerequisite

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When 4.6.2 is installed, I assume it requests a reboot.  Since the bundle is modifying machine state, I would expect it to be in ARP, as well to have a run once key set to resume the install post reboot.  "causing the installer to fail" isn't descriptive enough to try to help, but odds are your BA isn't responding properly to a callback.

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Burn shouldn't fail if already in ARP. Your bundle should be able to install/repair or uninstall if left over in ARP. That (plus the fact that fixing the underlying issue is very tricky) is why the bug is low priority.

If your BA can't handle that state, it should.

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Does anyone have some sample code how to "uninstall" your product after Burn has installed the .NET requirement?  I need to remove the registry key or something.  I know there is an old bug written up for this, but I have not seen any workarounds.  I have a .NET custom UI (C# WPF) that uses .NET Framework 4.6.2.  The bootstrapper correctly installs .NET when it's not installed, but then of course it adds itself to the Programs and Features list, causing the installer to fail.  I assume there's an event before Apply or something where I could check that Burn has installed .NET and at that point remove the registry key?


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