[wix-users] CA not getting executed elevated even though added between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize

manish duggal duggal_sunny at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 20:24:33 PST 2018

We have a CustomAction to invoke "TaskKill" and kill the relevant process. The CustomAction is listed as
<Property Id='RestartProcess2' Value='TO_BE_OVERRIDDEN' />    <SetProperty Id='RestartProcess2'                Value='"taskkill.exe" /F /IM <MyProcess>.exe'                Before='RestartProcess'                Sequence='execute' />    <CustomAction Id='RestartProcess2' BinaryKey='WixCA' DllEntry='CAQuietExec64' Execute='deferred' Return='ignore' Impersonate='no'/>
And the CA is invoked in the WIX as
<Custom Action='RestartProcess2' Before='StopServices'></Custom>     We are generating the MSP with this change and installing over the product. However, I see "access denied" error for this action even though it is expected to run elevated. What could be the issue? Why it is not running elevated?


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