[wix-users] Issue with RelatedBundle prepending its Guid in BundleUpgradeCode value in registry.

Karthikeyan Vedi karthikeyanvedi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 23:44:47 PST 2018


We have Wix bundle with UpdrageCodeA, We want to relase a newer version of
Bundle with new UpgradeCodeB in sense that we do not want to support/supply
any updates for UpgradeCodeA.

If user installs Bundle(UpgradeCodeB) while already having older bundle(
UpgradeCodeA) installed, we need to remove the older bundle. So in the
newer bundle we added it as <RelatedBundle Id="UpgradeCodeA"

This works as expected that it removes the older bundle and installs a
newer bundle. But in the registry entry at "
key BundleUpgradeCode has "{UpgradeCodeA} {UpgradeCodeB}".

Here. is there a reason why UpdrageCodeA is prepended before the actual
BundleUpgradeCode? when UpdrageCodeA is not actually installed. Is there a
way this UpdrageCodeA does not get prepended or any documentation regarding

Issue is we have client/service application that reads this BundleUpgradeCode
from the regisry and deliver updates based on the BundleUpgradeCode, In
this case we have two upgrade codes listed but only one is actually
installed and we do not want to deliver updates for a bundle that is not
installed. We have come up with a workaroud - currently our update client
application only reads the first Guid from BundleUpgradeCode, so we want to
be the value of BundleUpgradeCode like "UpgradeCodeB UpgradeCodeA" so only
the updates for  newer bundle(UpgradeCodeB) is delivered. for this we added
another <RelatedBundle Id="UpgradeCodeB" Action="Upgrade"/> before
<RelatedBundle Id="UpgradeCodeA" Action="Upgrade"/> to achive this but not
exactly sure if this has any side effects or it this any other better
solution for this issues.

Thanks for your help.

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