[wix-users] Generate Error 1602 from Deferred Custom Action

Justin Cox cox.justin.a at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 14:36:30 PDT 2018

I have a deferred custom action written in C# that sets some folder names.
If it encounters an errors, like access permissions, an error is displayed
with Ok/Cancel.  It should terminate and rollback if the user clicks
cancel, but it continues on.

I've tried a few different way including,

return ActionResult.Failure


                using (Record record = new Record(0))
                    record.SetString(0, "foo");
                    ses.Message(InstallMessage.FatalExit, record);
                return ActionResult.UserExit;

However everything just drives it on.  I want click the cancel button on
the dialog to have the same effect as clicking cancel on the dialog
screen.  Is this possible from a deferred custom action C# dialog?

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