[wix-users] Permission to Stop/Start a Service from a Custom Action on Button click

Gerhard Matzen gmatzen at osisoft.com
Wed May 30 05:21:25 PDT 2018

You can make sure the user is privileged in a launch condition for the MSI.

<Condition Message="You must run this installation kit as administrator.  If you are running on Vista/Server 2008 or greater, you must also run the installation from an elevated command prompt.">Privileged</Condition>

If you are worried about the "Programs and Features" Change/Modify button not launching your MSI elevated, you should be able to set the NoElevateOnModify value in the registry.
This DWORD goes under:

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I have a Custom Action that is called on a button click. In this button click, I have to restart the Sql Service on the local machine. After building this msi, if I right click and install, it fails while trying to Stop & Start the service using ServiceController class (throws an access denied exception). I tried with the WMI approach also, but the same result.

 But if I open up a PowerShell or Console window as Administrator and execute the msi using msiexec command, it works fine. I am already an administrator in the machine. I am not able to understand why it doesn't work in the first case, whereas it works in the second case, even though I am admin. How can I ensure in my Custom Action code to behave like the second case?

I tried with and without Impersonate attributes on the Custom Action, but no luck. Since it is called on button click, I am not able to make the CA deferred and hence it is immediate. In my CA code, when I check the current user using Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("USERNAME") and also using System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent(), it shows the same in both the cases. I am a little confused. Can anyone please help me?

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