[wix-users] Database creation issue

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
Wed May 9 06:30:31 PDT 2018

Since you have not provided a verbose log for us to see what is actually is
going on (always get a verbose log, always) the best I can do is make a

In the past I sent email about how immediate custom actions decide what to
do and schedule rollback and "execute" deferred custom actions to run later
by the server process when the install script is executed.

It might be possible that the immediate custom action is failing with the
"out of memory" error you are seeing. In that case none of the actions
would actually run.

But your question implies that at least some of the "execute" deferred
custom actions are running so one would expect some of the rollback custom
actions to run. Of course those rollback actions will only run if they are
sequenced before their "execute" counterparts. Perhaps the rollback you
expect is not happening because it is not scheduled correctly.

Then again, you are running out of memory. Perhaps it *IS* trying to run
the rollback but it can't because it ran out of memory!

Really, the only thing we can do here is make guesses without the verbose
log. What does the verbose log say?

Edwin G. Castro

On Wed, May 9, 2018, 05:52 Ven H via wix-users <
wix-users at lists.wixtoolset.org> wrote:

> I have an MSI which has lots of sql script files (around 1500) to create
> around 8 databases and tables, stored procs, views, indexes, functions and
> so on. These sql script files are executed in a sequence. Almost towards
> the end, there is a very big file in the 8th DB (around 138 MB). This file
> basically has insert statements with binary data.
> When I install the MSI, I expect that it would create all the 8 DBs but
> will fail only when it reaches this script. But it gets stuck for a very
> long time, before it finally throws the error saying "Failed to allocate
> memory to CustomActionData string.". But when I check the log, I can see
> that it is logging all the sql statements from the previous scripts before
> this file.
> Although, there is a rollback script to drop everything in case of error, I
> thought, when I refresh the SQL Management Studio, I would see the
> databases during installation, but I don't. So, does it try to load
> everything into memory first before starting to execute? If not, why does
> it not create the databases during installation and then rollback after
> error? Can anyone please provide any inputs?
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